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Pēji (Japanese: ページ, "page") is simple way to generate small static sites (one or more pages).

If you need to collect several pages from the Markdown, then Pēji are great for you.

Note: Pēji is not intended to generate a blog site. Its single pages only. You can link pages with hyper-links, but you have to do it manually.


  • Python-Markdown is used.
  • Code syntax highlighting via Pygments.
  • Jinja2 template engine.
  • Custom style and layout for specific page.
  • Site menu bar can be edited through the config.
  • YAML config file.

Installation and quickstart

Install Pēji globally or into virtual environment:

pip install Peji

Create your site:

peji create mysite
cd mysite/

Create your first page and place it into mysite/pages/:

title: My first page

# My heading

It works!

Build your site:

peji build

Site will be placed in ./mysite/build.

Also you can run Python built-in HTTP Server:

python3 -m http.server --directory build/


Pēji is released under The Unlicense. See for detais.