Porkbun DNS API client
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piglet is a Porkbun DNS API CLI client.

Currently piglet can:

  • Create a DNS record
  • Edit record
  • Delete DNS record
  • Retrieve DNS records


Just copy piglet to your PATH. For example:

cp piglet /usr/local/bin/

Install jq to enable pretty output.

Getting started

For first step setup the configuration file:

piglet config

piglet creates ~/.config/piglet.conf file with API credentials.

Retrieve DNS records:

piglet -d example.org retrieve

Create A-record on subdomain mail:

piglet -d example.org create name=mail type=a content= ttl=3600

Edit A-record for example.org (change to

piglet -d example.org edit id=220755500 type=a content=

Delete DNS record by id:

piglet -d example.org delete id=220755592

See piglet --help for more info.