A lot of Shell scripts
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A lot of Shell scripts.


appimage AppImages manager.
btw Track battery and send notify if low battery.
codes Print ANSI sequences (16, 256 colors and formatting).
currency Get currencies from Russian Central Bank and calculate.
dots Dotfiles manager. Save and push selected files to git repo.
github-starred-repos Get list of user's starred repos from GitHub.
git-mass-clone Mass clone or pull repos from file.
http Python 3 http.server runner.
log Logs viewing tool (nginx and exim4). Prints logs to STDOUT.
md2 Convert Markdown to HTML, ROFF and PDF. Pandoc wrapper.
mega MEGAcmd wrapper.
parts Store and view code snippets.
rand Print random array item.
safeeject Safely remove an external drive. Useful for USB-devices.
unflac Convert FLAC to MP3.
upload Upload files to remote server via server alias.
view Print highlighted text to STDOUT. highlight wrapper.
yad Download file from Yandex.Disk storage.

Most scripts have an builtin help text. Try `%scriptname% --help`.