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ge 71e1d87d32 feat: Improve and make scripts POSIX compliant 8 months ago
ge 921dd5d29d feat: Add dark theme via prefers-color-scheme 8 months ago
ge cde343d159 update README 8 months ago
ge cd258011be fix: Update link 8 months ago
gechandesu aed21e14a3
Merge pull request #2 from gechandesu/dependabot/pip/bottle-0.12.20
build(deps): Bump bottle from 0.12.19 to 0.12.20
11 months ago
dependabot[bot] 85b2664483
build(deps): Bump bottle from 0.12.19 to 0.12.20
Bumps [bottle](https://github.com/bottlepy/bottle) from 0.12.19 to 0.12.20.
- [Release notes](https://github.com/bottlepy/bottle/releases)
- [Changelog](https://github.com/bottlepy/bottle/blob/master/docs/changelog.rst)
- [Commits](https://github.com/bottlepy/bottle/compare/0.12.19...0.12.20)

- dependency-name: bottle
  dependency-type: direct:production

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <support@github.com>
1 year ago
ge dbdbf2a3d9 feat: Remove WSGI server from requirements 1 year ago
ge 3a8bef4ddc feat: Reduce image size from ~930M to ~85M 1 year ago
ge 8122de2c52 fix: Naitilus script fixed 1 year ago
ge 2eea050bf8 fix: Fix typo in README 1 year ago
gd 2f7fc76573 fix: Fix Nginx vhost example 1 year ago
gd dd570f7f93 feat: Add Dockerfile 1 year ago
gd 312efc9047 feat: Update requirements 1 year ago
gd fc80d9e661 fix: Fixed WSGI app startup 1 year ago
gd 721fda8b22 feat: Update README 1 year ago
gd 331a377c6b feat: Update imgs.ini 1 year ago
gd 12f4433e8e feat: Add shell-scripts 1 year ago
gd 0898b1f593 feat: Update version 1 year ago
gd 4ff6362c64 feat: Remove run() options 1 year ago
gd 8e4ab793f9 feat: Refactored uplocad_image(), MIME check skipping added 1 year ago
gd 87f6c3a048 feat: Add favicon 1 year ago
gd 397aeed123 feat: Update LICENSE 1 year ago
gd 8800b519c0 update README 2 years ago
gd 7539db0b12 init 2 years ago