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@ -18,14 +18,18 @@ Clone repository and edit **imgs.ini**.
Build Docker image:
docker build --tag imgs .
Run container from image. Replace **/path/to/your/uploads/dir** with path to directory where you want to store images:
sudo docker run --rm --name imgs --detach --publish --volume /path/to/your/uploads/dir:/opt/imgs/uploads imgs
docker run -d \
--name imgs \
--publish \
--volume /path/to/your/uploads/dir:/opt/imgs/uploads \
imgs will launched on ``. Set up reverse proxy server. I recommed to use basic authentication to prevent abuses. Nginx virtual host example:
@ -59,7 +63,7 @@ server {
imgs has a simple CLI tool based on curl. Copy **imgs** script to your PATH.
sudo cp imgs /usr/bin/imgs
@ -68,3 +72,7 @@ sudo cp imgs /usr/bin/imgs
Push files to your imgs instance via GNOME Files (former name: Nautilus). Depends on: curl, libnotify (notify-send utility).
Just place **Upload to imgs** script into **~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/** directory.
DIR=~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/; mkdir -p $DIR && cp Upload\ to\ imgs $DIR