A faster way to cd to commonly used directories
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A faster way to cd to commonly used directories. Inspired by commacd. Tested on
Bash and Dash.


On most operatin systems with Bash run:

    $ curl -o ~/.g.sh -sSL https://git.nxhs.cloud/ge/g/raw/branch/master/g.sh
    $ echo '[ -f ~/.g.sh ] && . ~/.g.sh' >> ~/.bashrc
    $ source ~/.bashrc


Available commands (actually is aliases to functions):

    g [<pattern>]       goto directory. If you have single bookmark dir will be
                        changed without prompt. Type dir number in prompt to cd.
    g_save [<path>]     bookmark $PWD or <path> (save into ~/.g).

Run `g` to show the entire list of bookmarks and select the one you need.

You don't even need  to press `Enter` to confirm your selection  -- just type in
the bookmark number. The exception is when you have a two-digit number (or more)
and you select a  bookmark whose number is less than 10. Then  you have to press

You can pass the Perl regular expression  (processed by grep -Pi) as an for `g`.
At the  same time, if  only one  bookmark is found,  then the directory  will be
changed directly to it. If there are  several bookmarks, you will be prompted to
choose the appropriate  one. Also you can use autocompletion  by pressing Tab.
It works in a similar way.


Previously set up your commonly used dirs. Specify dir as argument::

    $ g_save ~/Documents
    $ g_save ~/Downloads

or cd into dir and simply run::

    $ g_save

Go to directory by number:

    $ g
    0   ~/Documents/
    1   ~/Downloads/
    : <type number here, e.g. 1>
    => cd /home/ge/Downloads

Goto '~/Downloads' directory by regex:

    $ g w
    => cd /home/ge/Downloads

Another way:

    $ g 'do[^c]'
    => cd /home/ge/Downloads

and etc.


v0.4 (05 Oct 2022)

* Fix parsing paths

v0.3 (05 Oct 2022)

* Refactored, added POSIX-compatibility
* Script renamed to `g.sh`
* ~/.goto_saved renamed to ~/.g
* Alias `g-save` changed to `g_save`
* Functions renamed

v0.2 (06 Feb 2022)

* ~/.gotosave renamed to ~/.goto_saved
* Alias `s` changed to `g-save`

v0.1 (07 Jan 2022)

Initial release.


Combining  `commacd`, `g`  and Bash  ``shopt -s  autocd`` option  gives a  great

Get `commacd` here: https://github.com/shyiko/commacd


Some `g` alternatives:

* aliases (yep, Bash builtin aliases)
* https://github.com/huyng/bashmarks